Kuwait Sailing Event

About Us

The Kuwait Sea Sport Club (KSSC) is a non-profit organization and acts as the governing authority of the sport of sailing in Kuwait since October 1977. The club was founded in 1965 as a social club with some sports like swimming, judo, sailing, rowing and jet ski. After a decree from the public authority for youth and sport it was changed into a specialized sea sports club as: sailing, rowing, jet ski, powerboats, swimming and diving.

The KSSC's mission is to promote and encourage sailing in all it's aspects in Kuwait.

The objects and aims for which the Kuwait Sea Sport Club, as the controlling authority of the sport of sailing is to reinforce it's multiple activities and to provide the best atmosphere for fans of the sea sports and to raise the standard of the sailors, competitors and teams and to give them all the needed care to be able to achieve results wanted to raise the level of the club both inside and outside Kuwait.

  • To act as and carry out the functions and duties of such an authority;
  • To act as the supervising organization for the sport of sailing, to grant and withdraw international or recognized status to or from classes of boats and to prescribe the relevant rules and measurement procedures;
  • To act as the organizing authority of the Sailing Regatta;
  • To control, organize, conduct, license or sanction other championships, sailing events or activities;
  • To convene, arrange, organize and hold regattas, races and competitions of all sorts, to create and stimulate interest in and publicize the sport of sailing, to convene, arrange, organize and hold exhibitions, shows, displays, meetings, seminars, conferences and discussions, and to provide prizes, bursaries, grants and awards for competitors and others;
  • To provide administrative services of any sort whatsoever for any association, union, society, club, committee, body or person interested in or associated with sailing in any of its forms.
  • To provide boats and equipment to safely train people on the water.
  • To increase membership.
  • To identify young talent, and offer the resources for them to enjoy and achieve, developing young sailors while instilling in them the love for the sport of sailing that will serve as a foundation for the future of our organization and our sport.

The aims of the Kuwait Sailing Event are to promote and encourages sailors to participate in events beyond the club. To use the Kuwait Sailing Committee as a center to engage youth into sailing with national and international event qualification as an attainable goal.